Cases Available To Join

When an employer violates wage and hour laws with one worker, they often do it with other workers. For example, if an employer has an illegal tip pool, then all tipped employees are probably affected and may have claims.

Because wage and hour violations are usually not isolated incidents, much of my practice is devoted to class and collective actions where many workers sue for wages in the same lawsuit. Here, you will find two types of listings.

First, specific lawsuits may be listed from time to time. If you were an employee of the business in the lawsuit, you may be able to join that suit.

Second, certain types of cases may be listed. It is common for employers in the same industry to violate wage and hour laws in the same way. When I notice a pattern like that, I may post a type of case for you to watch out for. If you have been affected in a similar way, you are welcome to call my office to see if you have a case.

Types of Cases

Tip pool violations
More and more employers are taking restaurant employees’ tips. If your employer is taking some of your tips or requiring you to give some of your tips to managers, you may have a claim under the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Ohio Constitution.

Outside Salespeople
Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, outside salespeople are traditionally not entitled to minimum wage. Those workers are entitled to minimum wage, however, under Ohio’s minimum wage constitutional amendment (Article II § 34(a)). If you are an outside sales employee that works for commissions-only or commissions-plus-draw and you made less than minimum wage per hour in one or more weeks, you may have a claim under the Ohio Constitution.

Note: As of January 1, 2015, I have joined Markovits, Stock & DeMarco as Of Counsel. I am still available to assist you with any minimum or overtime issues you may have. I have experience with class and collective actions to collect unpaid wages on behalf of employees. My direct number is 614-604-8759.