My practice is focused on the areas of employment and wage and hour law. As of January 1, 2015, I joined the law firm Markovits, Stock & DeMarco as Of Counsel.

I will continue representing employees in wage and hour class and collective actions brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act (the FLSA) and Ohio law. This includes litigation and disputes regarding unpaid minimum wage, unpaid overtime, worker misclassification, and wage theft. Because this site contains useful information about my practice, I will continue to maintain it, but please visit www.msdlegal.com for the most current information about my practice and the firm. For more information about wage and hour issues, like minimum wage, overtime pay, and retaliation, please visit Wage and Hour Information Resource.

I have been and continue to be on the cutting edge of wage and hour litigation in Ohio. I have represented clients in a number of cases that involve novel wage and hour issues under Ohio's minimum wage constitutional amendment. For example, I was the first lawyer to argue for and receive an award of fees based on an employer’s failure to maintain proper records under Article II, Section 34a of the Ohio Constitution. I was also lead counsel on the first case to certify a class action for a violation of Ohio's minimum wage amendment.

I also consult with businesses and other attorneys to provide expertise regarding minimum wage, overtime, and worker classification issues. If you are an attorney seeking expertise and advice regarding a current or potential wage and hour case, please click here for more information.

If you are here for general information about my practice, please explore the site and visit www.msdlegal.com. If you are here because you need legal advice or representation, please call (614) 604-8759 to speak directly to Attorney Biller.


"For me contacting a lawyer was intimidating – and when you are in a situation at work with bullying or unfair practices it can be very discouraging. After meeting you I felt a weight lifted off me and still do because I know I can rely on you for expert advice..."- C.L from Columbus, OhioRead More

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